Support Logging Prevention and Improved Forest Management in Alaska

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The Afognak Forest Carbon Project represents over a decade’s worth of dedicated efforts by dozens of individuals, in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the American Land Conservancy, to conserve a truly unique ecosystem in perpetuity. Learn more about this project.

With NRG Offsets you can directly contribute to the Afognak Forest Carbon Project and help protect native species, prevent land disruption from timber logging, prevent GHG emissions from logging, and restore and protect habitat for native flora and fauna.

Key Facts:
Location: Afognak Island, Alaska
Project Type: Improved Forest Management and Logged Forest to Protected Forest
Standard: Verified Carbon Standards (VCS) v3.0
GHG Emission Reduction: Approximately 100,000 metric tonnes per year

This product includes 1mT of Afognak Forest Carbon Project offsets retired in your name.

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