Projects we support

Learn more about the various carbon reduction and sequestration projects that NRG supports through our carbon offsets.

Ozone-depleting substances – article 5 imports

Reducing harmful chemicals or substances through carbon sequestration that destroy the earth's protective ozone layer.

  • El Dorado, Union County, AR

Livestock gas capture/combustion

Capturing methane emitted from livestock manure to avoid it being released into the atmosphere, then using it to generate electricity or other renewable energy sources.

  • Morris, MN

Improved forest management

Improved Forest Management and Logged Forest to Protected Forest projects help prevent land disruption from timber logging, prevent GHG emissions from timber logging, and restore and protect habitat for native plant, mammal, bird, and fish species.

Landfill gas capture/combustion

Capturing methane that is generated from waste at landfills. The methane component of landfill gas is converted to carbon dioxide, resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which, is better for our environment.

  • Dallas, Gaston County, NC
  • Ball Ground, Cherokee County, GA
  • Tyler, Smith County, TX
  • Ashland, Boyd County, KY
  • Conestoga, Lancaster County, PA

The projects we support are third-party verified by Verified Carbon Standard or Climate Action Reserve to guarantee that the emission reductions are real, permanent, and verified.

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